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We have 4 main services - Cleaning, Gardening and Landscaping, Resource Scheduling and Front of House Concierge

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Cleaning Services

Post Construction / Renovation Cleaning

Our approach to cleaning is to ensure that we do extensive detailing of the structure after construction is completed. Initially, we send a team over to do a free consultation with the client to discuss the scope of work and timeframes. A work plan of the job will then be sent and agreed with the client before any work commences.

We have done extensive work on a number of developments to date including newly built cluster homes, business premises and residential properties of all sizes. If you are looking for a cleaning partner, we are the right team for you. Our service will include:
• Cleaning windows
• Spot cleaning walls
• Dust mopping
• Cleaning masonry including tiles and brickwork
• Cleaning the trim, baseboards and door jambs
• And many more!

General Cleaning

This service includes both residential and commercial cleaning. We like to view ourselves as a boutique service; giving our clients a personalised experience using the very best products. Our customer service is second to none, we pride ourselves on always delivering a signature service with a smile! Our service will include:
• Deep Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Polishing and detailing
• Daily Office and Yard Cleaning
• Office equipment cleaning
• Factory deep and daily cleaning
• Office and factory bio protection

Gardening and Landscaping



After your property has been cleaned, why not invest in your garden and surroundings. We are proud of have some of the most talented landscapers in the country! From designing and constructing beautiful water features in areas with abundant water, we can also design stunning dry gardens for those areas that struggle with water supplies. Contact us for a free consultation and we will deliver the dream garden for you.

Resource Scheduler

The world is changing and employees and clients alike are becoming more aware of mobility and flexible work patterns. 

Our solution specializes in space and occupancy by enabling our clients to have an insight into how their space is being utilized and how they can improve efficiency in Zimbabwe.

Our resource scheduling solution enables employees or clients to book resources in advance of them reaching their workspace. 

Employees can book meeting rooms, desks, projectors, parking, catering etc from their phone and this is synced to their calendar.

From the backend, we are able to drive critical analytics on how the workspace is being used, clients/employees’ preferences, room usage etc which will give our clients a real competitive advantage on how to manage their workspace. 

Furthermore, we offer a visual, interactive scheduling touch panel for your convenience that will be placed outside of your meeting rooms.

The panel allows employees to easily find and reserve available
rooms and promotes collaboration by allowing employees to use meeting rooms ‘on the go’ with our ‘start meeting’ functionality.
Advantages of bundling the panel with the Resource Scheduler
solution include:

o Reservation information is communicated between
Resource Scheduler and the panel in real time, so the
schedule is always accurate.
o Corporate branding options
o Check room status with colour coded indicator lights
o Anti-bacterial screen protector
o Gain insight into planned versus actual utilization,
abandoned meetings etc

Front of House Concierge

We provide smart, respectful, and well-trained ambassadors to provide quality customer service to your visitors and employees.

We develop services bespoke to each client that fits into their culture and expectations. Our guest services include reception, meetings, event management, and audio-visual support.

We can integrate our Concierge services with our Resource Scheduler and Visual solution to be able to give you a seamless service and quality customer experience.


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